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Young People

Voices Groups work with young people to raise awareness , provide support and give young people a safe place to have their voices heard.

  • Meet new people, have fun and take part in activities, group work and social outings

  • Learn about healthy & unhealthy relationships and other topics that are important to you

  • Develop new skills and gain qualifications

  • Become a volunteer, peer-mentor and young ambassador for Women’s Aid ABCLN



Heading for Healthy Relationships


Our Heading for Healthy Relationships programme helps young people to recognise the difference between healthy & unhealthy relationships, build your self-esteem and get the right support.


Voices Young People say:


“I volunteer at the Homework Support Club. It’s a really worthwhile experience helping the younger children” Adam

“I started my journey at Women’s Aid ABCLN by joining the Voices Group. I learnt so much and I was able to gain three OCN’s.” Chloe

“I got involved with Women’s Aid ABCLN after they delivered a workshop in peer mentor and I school. I became a love what I do.” Jessica

To find out more and join our Voices Group YOU CAN call 028 25 632136.

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