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Antrim Coast Half Marathon

Antrim Coast Half Marathon Poster II 2024.pdf.png

Run Antrim Coast Half Marathon & Relay 


Join us and Run Antrim Coast Half Marathon & Relay for Women's Aid ABCLN.

With it's flat half marathon course, the Antrim Coast Half Marathon is one of the fastest half marathons in the world running along the stunning Antrim Coast Road.

Date: Sunday 25th August 2024

Starting Point: Larne Leisure Centre

Race Entry: Half Marathon / Relay Team x 2-3 runners

Minimum Sponsorship: £200 per person

We are delighted to be one of Antrim Coast Half

Marathon’s charity partners for 2024.

We have a number of FREE Half Marathon and Relay

team places available NOW when you register TODAY

for the Antrim Coast Half Marathon & Relay 

One in four women will experience domestic abuse in their lifetime. Police respond to one incident of domestic abuse every 16 minutes. For every incident, we know the impact on women and children living with domestic abuse can be devastating. 

We believe that no-one should have to live in fear or threat from abuse. 

Join us and Run for Women's Aid ABCLN.

To find out more and register go to

And click here to start your online fundraising


For more information YOU CAN call us 028 25 632136 or simply email



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