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Northern Ireland Opera ‘White Ribbon’ Anthem


'White Ribbon' Anthem In Collaboration With NI Opera


Women’s Aid ABCLN, Northern Ireland Opera and the Ulster Orchestra have released ‘White Ribbon’, a collaborative anthem co-written by pianist Ruth McGinley and songwriter Duke Special, reflecting the voices and experience of women affected by domestic abuse.


In this film you can watch the live recording in the Waterfront Hall with vocalist Jolene O’Hara, pianist Ruth McGinley, Northern Ireland Opera’s Associate Artists and the Ulster Orchestra.

White Ribbon is a global movement to end male violence against women and the ‘White Ribbon’ anthem has been commissioned by Northern Ireland Opera, working jointly with the Ulster Orchestra and Women’s Aid ABCLN, in response to the devastating impact of domestic abuse.

Ruth McGinley has worked alongside women affected by domestic abuse to create the ‘White Ribbon’ anthem. Her own personal experience of domestic abuse can be felt in its powerful and uplifting words. Ruth says “Whilst anyone can be a victim of domestic abuse, we know it is an issue that disproportionately impacts women.

PSNI statistics show that out of all reported domestic abuse crimes, 69% of victims were women, 31% of victims were men, and 86% of perpetrators were men. We stand together with all victims of domestic abuse.”

Women’s Aid ABCLN encourages groups and individuals across Northern Ireland to take action by supporting the White Ribbon campaign and making the personal pledge to never commit, condone or remain silent about violence against women.

The anthem has featured on UTV Live and BBC Radio Ulster and has received unanimous recognition and support with its call to end male violence against women and girls. It is our hope that the anthem will strike a chord with the general public.


‘White Ribbon’ is available to download and listen on Spotify, iTunes and other digital media.


To download ‘White Ribbon’

To make a donation supporting Women’s Aid ABCLN YOU CAN go to

All our thanks go to Northern Ireland Opera and Ulster Orchestra for this unique opportunity and to all the women who have shared their voices and experiences about domestic abuse to create the ‘White Ribbon’ anthem.

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