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Keeping Every Youngster Safe

One To One Therapeutic Support For Children

KEYS provides one to one emotional and therapeutic support for children and young people aged 8-18 who are affected by domestic abuse in the home. Children need a listening ear, they are victims. They have a voice and want to be heard.

The child’s individual needs are identified through the completion of initial assessment and reviewed throughout the period of support to ensure needs are being met.

Three main areas for support include:


  • Increased confidence

  • Better able to cope with distress or trauma

  • Have healthier relationships

Other areas of support include understanding separation and loss, managing anger, understanding emotions, increasing regulation, safety planning, reducing anxiety and stress. using a wide range of therapeutic resources.


Read more here: KEYS Leaflet

Children’s Voices

“My key worker listened to me and helped me”.

“I loved the arts and craft. I now know who my safe adults are”.

“Julie took my worries away in a rocket”.

“I couldn’t sleep because I seen the bad things. I now feel safe and feel happy”.

“The games where really cool”.

“ I loved working with Danielle, she was kind and listened to me”.

If you would like more information and support YOU CAN call  028 25 632136,


This project is funded by funded by Children In Need.

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