Antrim Methodist Church

4 July, 2011

Justice Minister David Ford was a guest speaker at Antrim Methodist Church on Sunday 12th June, presenting Minister Jack Moore with a Workplace Charter in recognition of the Church’s support for victims of domestic violence.  As well as receiving a Workplace Charter, Antrim Methodist Church has also volunteered to become a Safe Place, where people living with domestic violence can access information on support services. 


David Ford outlined the importance of the role played by organisations in tackling domestic violence:


‘We have to stop thinking of domestic violence taking place behind closed doors.  The aftermath of domestic violence cannot be so simply confined. The impact of being in an abusive relationship follows people into work, out shopping, into Church.  Yes, we have excellent agencies, supporting victims, but this is not enough.  We can and we should all send out a clear message that domestic violence has no place in our society’. 


David Ford’s South Antrim Constituency Office, and the Alliance Party of Northern Ireland of which he is leader, also have been recognised with an Onus Workplace Charter.  The call for employers to consider workplace policies to support employees is one of the Action Points in the ‘Tackling Violence at Home’ strategy, which has been devised by David Ford’s Department of Justice and Department of Health Social Services and Public Safety. 


Anyone dealing with domestic violence can access support by calling the 24hr Domestic Violence Helpline on 0800 917 1414.  Safe Place resources also give contact information for PSNI, Victim Support and Childline.