Young Voices Speak Out On Domestic Violence

2 December, 2010
Young people aged from 8-18 over Antrim and Ballymena performed the play ‘Family Portrait: Voice of a Victim’ to a very impressed audience on Monday evening, at the Braid Arts Theatre, Ballymena.  
Patricia Mullan, Children’s Services Manager, explained why the group decided to focus their energy on the play
“We wanted to give young people a voice about their experiences of domestic violence and highlight our White Ribbon Campaign. With the recent Criminal Justice Inspectorate NI report highlighting PSNI respond to an incident of domestic violence every 21 minutes, we must not forget that behind those statistics there is a family, often with children. It is important we support those children and young people too. Exploring and communicating those experiences via the play was a very positive experience for them and the confidence boost of carrying off a successful performance. We’re very proud of our Young Voices!’
Key messages portrayed in the play were the need for young people to have support networks, to talk to someone about the situation and to any agencies who will provide support and information.
Amongst those in the audience were Cecil Worthington, Director of Children’s Services in NHSCT and his colleague Hazel Baird, Head of Governance and Patient Safety, to launch the NHSCT workplace policy to support employees living with domestic violence. 
The play is one of the events that Women’s Aid have organised during 16 Days of Action on Violence Against Women, which runs every year from 25th November, International Day of Action on Violence Against Women until 10th December, International Human Rights Day. 
Women who are experiencing domestic violence can access support by calling the 24hr Domestic Violence Helpline on 0800 917 1414 or read about our services by visiting

For further information contact Lindsay Whitcroft, Policy & Training or email: