Teaming Up Against Domestic Violence

17 June, 2010

As the Football World Cup kicks-off, Police in Newtownabbey are raising awareness of domestic abuse in the home. As with all domestic abuse campaigns the police are again sending out a strong warning to possible offenders that incidents of domestic abuse will be dealt with robustly by local police.
As part of an ongoing campaign to tackle domestic abuse, Police in Newtownabbey have been working closely with Newtownabbey Community Safety Partnership, Women’s Aid and Newtownabbey District Policing Partnership in developing a poster campaign which was launched ? and will be seen on Translink buses across Newtownabbey for the duration of the tournament
Newtownabbey Area Commander, Chief Inspector Paula Hilman explained: “Victims of domestic abuse come from every walk of life and can be any age or gender. During sporting events, we often see an increase in incidents of domestic abuse. During the 2006 World Cup, reports of domestic violence rose by up to 40% in some areas on match days”.
“So while we hope everyone enjoys the football spectacle over the next month, we are urging possible offenders to think twice before it’s too late, as domestic abuse is a crime that police take very seriously.
“Throughout the year, we will continue to work with victims of domestic abuse, using a number of intervention strategies. Alongside partner agencies, we will share information to protect vulnerable persons and their families.
Speaking at the launch of the campaign Councillor Fraser Agnew, Chairman of Newtownabbey DPP, said: “The DPP were advised by the police of strong statistical evidence which suggests that incidents of domestic abuse increase during sporting tournaments. In light of such information Newtownabbey DPP supports this joint campaign to help prevent domestic violence especially as the football World Cup starts this week. No one should be subjected to domestic violence at any time let alone during the next few weeks as the World cup gets underway. I would encourage anyone subjected to violence to report it immediately to their local police.” 
Newtownabbey Community Safety Partnership Communications Manager Elaine Manson commented, “Unfortunately, there are still incidents of domestic abuse in Northern Ireland that go unreported.   Should anyone become a victim of this type of crime I would encourage them to report it to Police as soon as possible or seek support by calling the Domestic Violence 24hour Helpline 0800 917 1414.”
Women’s Aid welcomes this campaign to promote zero tolerance of domestic violence over the World Cup period.
Rosemary Magill of Women’s Aid in Antrim, Ballymena, Carrickfergus, Larne and Newtownabbey stated:
“The rise in incidents of domestic violence is not the fault of football, nor is it due to alcohol. Most people can enjoy both without resorting to abusing their partners. This is the responsibility of violent people, having the opportunity to be violent and making excuses. We are clear however that there are no excuses for domestic violence”. 
We call on all true lovers of sport to support zero tolerance of domestic violence.
For further press information, please contact Christopher Carson on 028 9025 9156 / 07825 013 918.
Notes to the Editor:

  • The Police Service of Northern Ireland Definition of Domestic Abuse is any incident of threatening behaviour, violence or abuse (psychological, physical, verbal, sexual, financial or emotional) inflicted on one person by another where they are intimate partners or family members, irrespective of gender or sexual orientation.


 The 24hr Domestic Abuse helpline number is free pone 0800 917 1414 ·     
The number of domestic incidents reported in Northern Ireland in 2009/10 was 24,482 compared to 2008/09 when it was 23,591