No Excuses for Domestic Violence

8 May, 2009

As the summer holidays start, Women’s Aid ABCLN hopes everyone will have an opportunity to relax and enjoy spending time with their family and friends. However, we are well aware that for the many victims of domestic violence, there will be no chance of a break. 

According to Lindsay Whitcroft, Policy and Training Worker with Women’s Aid ABCLN,

‘There tends to be a rise in the number of women using our services during the summer months, and while there is little concrete evidence as to why this is the case, we believe that it is quite simply because there is increased opportunity to perpetrate violence or abuse, due to time off’. 

The same thing tends to happen over the Christmas Holidays, although it would be January when Women’s Aid would see an increase in numbers of women accessing their services, as mothers especially try not to leave until Christmas is over for their family. 

Women’s Aid would also like to take the opportunity to address the popular myth often offered as an excuse for perpetrating domestic violence during holiday periods: alcohol is not an excuse. 

‘A scan of recent newspaper articles detailing local convictions for domestic violence often cites excessive alcohol consumption as a factor in an attack. Many people drink alcohol and do not assault their partners. Similarly, many people assault their partners when they’re sober. It is time we stopped making excuses for people committing criminal acts.’