Women’s Aid ABCLN – Celebrating our Volunteers

1 September, 2009

Women’s Aid in Antrim, Ballymena, Carrickfergus, Larne and Newtownabbey are paying tribute to the invaluable role volunteers make in supporting women and children in the area. 
At the Annual General Meeting on Tuesday 29th September, in All Saints Parish Centre, Ballymena, volunteers will take centre stage discussing what motivates them to give up their time for Women’s Aid. 

For the 10 years Women’s Aid has been in existence in this area, volunteers have been the lifeblood of the organisation.  From the voluntary management committee, which steers the organisation, to the volunteers who give up time to organise and take classes, help out in the centre, support women who are going to court and work with the women and children staying in refuge, all services Women’s Aid provide benefit from the contribution made by volunteers. 

As well as paying tribute to the sustained support of long-term volunteers, Women’s Aid would like to welcome on board our new volunteers, and are delighted to have new opportunities for volunteers to avail of.  The innovative ‘Reconnect’ project has recently started, and will rely heavily on volunteers.

The main aim of Reconnect is to help women who have suffered from the longer term effects of domestic violence, such as social isolation and depression, to reintegrate back into their communities and families by building up their confidence, capacity and social skills.

The Reconnect Project worker says:

‘We believe that it is not only our service users, but also our staff who benefit from the enhanced experience volunteers bring to our organisation.  At Women’s Aid we have always had extremely productive relationships with our volunteers, and we want not only to pay tribute to their contribution to date, but to keep developing that relationship in identifying new and better ways for us to engage with volunteers and provide the best possible service we can for the women and children’.