Volunteering Opportunities

25 March, 2013

Women’s aid ABCLN has identified that domestic violence impacts on the development and learning of over 80% of young people accessing its services.

We have just opened the Cornerstone Building behind Grace House in Antrim. The "Cornerstone Project" will support young people to stay engaged or re engage in the education system and remove barriers to learning by providing a safe, structured and supportive learning environment for young people living with domestic violence. This will include an afterschools homework club and 1 to 1 tuition.
We are looking for newly qualified or retired teachers who have a few hours to spare each week to work with these young people, identify their learning needs and support them to meet curriculum requirements.

Other Volunteer opportunities include:

Creche work
Shadowing and co facilitating programmes
Awareness raising and fundraising

If interested please  email laura.dillon@womensaidabcln.org for further information